BaubleBox Jewelry: Real User Reviews

by admin on June 20, 2013

Fashion trends may constantly change but women’s penchant for jewelry will never be a thing of the past. However, most if not all women today including the fabulous ladies in Hollywood are into costume jewelry – not the “real” diamonds which Monroe said are a girl’s best friend. These trinkets may not be the real thing, but they are supposed to look genuine. They should in no way look cheap. That said, let’s see what BaubleBox, the name now popularly associated with costume jewelry – has to offer. Could it really be the safest and reliable source of your next piece of jewelry?

What Is BaubleBox?

BaubleBox is an online jewelry store and more. It is a daily deal site where women can find beautiful pieces of jewelry for the most affordable prices.

The company is relatively young as it was only created in 2008 by entrepreneurs Donald Lee and Mishal Mies. They officially launched the site in 2010 but only got substantially popular in 2012 when daily deal sites became a worldwide trend.

The company collaborates with a network of brand designers and manufacturers which enable them to sell jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets at very low prices. Although sold at extremely affordable prices, the company ensures quality of their items by having them undergo an 8-point quality control inspection to provide only the finest quality pieces to BaubleBox members. Hence the price may be cheap but the items are not.

The site also sells a variety of accessories including iPhone cases, scarves, clutches, and passport holders.

How Does It Work?

If you check the site you will find that sets of new jewelry are presented every day. They update it at midnight EST, Mondays to Fridays. The sales would be available for the entire week before they get completely removed. The site shows the remaining days and hours left for the sale to be available so you could get the chance to take advantage of the offer. Sale prices can get unbelievably low such as up to 90% off the retail cost plus there are also more savings you can get on special occasions.

To benefit more from the site, you can sign up for membership which entitles you to receive a gift. The gift is of course a piece of jewelry but would be based on the information you sent to the Style Profile upon signing up.

Once a member, you get the privilege of earning credits if you invite people to the site and they decide to make online purchases. That means the more people you refer to the site, the more pieces of jewelry coming in to your doorstep. It will be easy to track the people you have invited since it will all be visible in your profile information. You will find there all the members you have invited, the date they signed up, amount of purchases they made, and the credits you earned.

One of the favorite things members love about BaubleBox is the daily $1 mystery box offered on a daily basis. There are 50 mystery boxes every day and each item actually has a value of over $40.


  • Very low prices. You get shining, shimmering, splendid pieces of jewelry at very affordable prices.
  • Superior quality. Although prices are cheap, the items look authentic. All items undergo thorough inspection before they are sold online.
  • Wide selection of jewelry. It is easy to find what suits your personality, style, and occasion as there are tons to choose from.
  • Sneak Peek. The site offers a preview of what is going to be offered in the following days so you know what to watch out for.
  • Convenience. No need to go out of your house to shop for the pieces of jewelry you fancy.
  • Good reputation. Although relatively new, BaubleBox has already received a lot of favorable feedback from its customers.


  • Inaccurate sizes. Buying rings online can be difficult unless you are certain of your size otherwise there is a tendency to get the wrong fit.
  • Inexact appearance. The items may look different from the images presented on the site which is something you should expect. There are reports, however, that the trinkets even look better than the pictures.

Real User Reviews

Now what are customers saying about the online deal site and their items? Here are some of them taken from the site’s official Facebook page. Surprisingly, most if not all are positive comments.

On quality and customer service…


It is clear based on most feedback that BaubleBox is making a lot of customers happy. People commend the quality of the products as well as the company’s customer service which promptly responds to customers’ concerns. Reviews reveal that they ship fast and though there are instances shipping gets delayed, issues are addressed properly for members’ utmost satisfaction.

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